Thanksgiving & Friendsgiving in Switzerland 2022

Thanksgiving & Friendsgiving in Switzerland 2022

Thursday, 22 November 2022

Originally an English tradition, days of thanksgiving typically were marked by religious services to give thanks to God, or to celebrate a bountiful harvest. The first recorded religious thanksgiving day in Plymouth took place a full two years after the 1621 feast.

What should you prepare for Thanksgiving?

  • Turkey / Ham centrepiece 
  • Trimmings
  • Sauces
  • Gravy
  • Pudding / Dessert 

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Logistics & Practicalities around Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, but many families will celebrate on Friday or over the weekend due to work & school commitments (unlike in America, where there is a holiday). 

Please let The English Grocer know when you would like to receive your order so that there is plenty of time to prepare your feast!

Plan with your friends or your family 

If you can't make it home this thanksgiving, why not throw a "friendsgiving" party to celebrate this tradition with your friends, co-workers and take this opportunity to invite those who may be alone this Thanksgiving! 

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